Why traveling?

Hi there! Hola!

My name is Maria Ladóczki.

I founded Spanishvibes because I love the language, I like traveling, seeing, participating in things and I’d like to share these experiences with you and show as much of the world as possible! My favourites are the Spanish speaking countries -I’d like to discover them all- I’m going to share my adventures, stories, pictures and videos. In parallel with that I’d like to promote Hungary’s popularity and point out the importance of learning languages. I speak English and Spanish, not at proficiency level but I’m aiming to improve my current level day by day based on my ability and I’m trying to encourage others to do the same. I’d like to motivate people to dare to travel because they will be more by that. You don’t necessarily need loads of money or fancy travel agencies its possible to travel even from a smaller budget. Most importantly I’d like to broaden the horizon to people who are open to new things. Surely, you have already had a thought of what are those things and situations which make you happy. Every time when I am asking it from myself, I always get the answer I am really happy when I am abroad, I am incredibly happy when I am travelling, getting experiences, having fun and meeting with new people and also when I get the chance to share all this all with others.
Ican say that the most wonderful journey is getting to know more about ourselves.

They say the destination doesn’t matter,  your experiences at that place is what matters the most.
While I am on a trip I am learning about myself a lot, that is why traveling is my passion. I love planning for myself, where I go to, how long does it take and who do I go with. I really like planning what I want to see, I like booking my accomodation however I also love having some free, unplanned time to enjoying the traditional lifestyle in the city. I am curious about the people who I meet on the way, how is the service in the accomodation, how do I react to the new situations and how do I get to the destination where I want to go. On the airport while I have conversation with people I can see how different we are. It is easy to make long-term friendships even in couple of minute talk. Every trip has its own surprises.

Travel is a change-maker. I can feel I am not the same, I am different before it and after it.
The most fantastic is that I am more after a journey. The journey always makes a difference for me. I love it the most! I have a desire for getting to know myself better and better. I enjoy sitting on the plane, I always find things to do or travelling with train and buses.

Everything started with  Spain….
I have traveled to many countries but my favourites are the hispanic ones, somehow my heart always takes me there I got a lot from Spain I only have gratitudes towards it. I learned to speak Spanish here and the world has opened up to me and I got to know people who became family to me. I still remember how much they explained and showed me before I started to speak. It was a lot of work but it was worth it and till today they are very proud of me.

You should go too.
I gained a lot from travelling hence the reason I’m encouraging you to travel. If everything is going on well in your life thats the reason if not, that is. It is not necessary to travel far, but you should definitely go. The reason that I go because I feel that I should… This blog is all about this. I would like to share all the things i see and experience and maybe through me you can be part of it all.  It wont be just about Europe but far away in the world too because that is part of my life too. All of my experiences helped to me become the person that I am today and I hope this journey will carry on. I hope that you got the mood and you will tag along if not in person but through my blog, youtube chanel, instagram or facebook page. If you are traveling, want to travel and you have any question please do not hesitate to contact me.