“Every journey has a hidden purpose,
which even the travel does not know.”

(Martin Buber)

Hi there! Hola!

My name is Maria Ladóczki.
I founded Spanishvibes because I love the language, I like traveling, seeing, participating in things and I’d like to share these experiences with you and show as much of the world as possible! My favourites are the Spanish speaking countries -I’d like to discover them all- I’m going to share my adventures, stories, pictures and videos. In parallel with that I’d like to promote Hungary’s  opularity and point out the importance of learning languages. I speak English and Spanish, not at proficiency level but I’m aiming to improve my current level day by day based on my ability and I’m trying to encourage others to do the same. I’d like to motivate people to dare to travel because they will be more by that. You don’t necessarily need loads of money or fancy travel agencies its possible to travel even from a smaller budget. Most importantly I’d like to broaden the horizon to people who are open to new things.

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During my travels I had a lot of nice experiences I would like to share with you.
There are many interesting things, important travel information here, illustrated with lots of photos.

Which countries would you like to explore?

Kuba – more

Kolumbia – more

Spain – more

India – more

Dog sledding

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