Spain, officially known as the Kingdom of Spain

Spain is the place I would recommend to everyone for a pure heart.I know the southern Andalusian part more – it is famous for its beautiful cities, mosques, bullfighting, wine, horses. I love this part of the country – it’s fabulous. The head of the state is the king who is currently in VI. Fülöp (Felipe VI in Spanish).

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Spain is very large in territory, but its transport infastructure is excellent, anywhere can be reached relatively fast even at great distances. You need to know that five different languages (and their dialects) and two dialects are spoken in Spain. It is very interesting when you speak the smae language with someone, but you use the Southern version and the other person uses the Northern, there are moments in the conversation when you completely understand eachother then again there are times when you have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. Making it even more difficult in Andalucia the language is spoken very fast that are several “blurry” sounding words that are different to the common language.

Dance, music also plays a very important role here – they have several colourfull festivals. Each city has its own saint, and the day of the respective saint is the fiesta mayor. One of the most colorful Spanish festivals is the Feria, which is held every year in every important place. This was the country where I first saw olive treas, olive harvests and the orange trees on the streets.

Since every culture is different, there were some habits that I had to get used to:
The Spaniards eat lunch between two and a half past five in the afternoon, then comes the rest (siesta) – it was very difficult because by midday I was always watching the clock

– a few hours after lunch we had something sweet in the height of 18:00 – 19:00, which was generally biscuits and cakes.
– dinner was served at 21-22 o’clock, that was very late for me, but because I love Spanish food, of course I was always there
– since we are talking about food, the paella, the cool gazpacho, the various fish / meat meals are very delicious and dessert is always fruit / ice cream or pudding
– I love being able to have taster portions of tapas in bars that they serve with drinks
– Spaniards are fond of using the term “tomorrow”, which is very cute
– a favorite discussion topic is sport, especially football and tennis

Where I was, football was always the main topic of discussion – the Spanish national football team won the European Football Championships in 1964, 2008 and 2012 and the 2010 World Cup. In addition to the national team, Spanish club teams are extremely successful. The three most successful teams in the championship, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao. More famous Spanish teams: Valencia, Atlético Madrid, Sevilla.

If you really want an experience, you will find it in Spain!