Kutyaszánozás Románia

Dog sledding

I can’t remember exactly when I’ve seen the american movie “Iron will” but one thing is for sure: it truly touched me and since then I rewatched it many times. I just can’t get enough of it… I am fond of it.

The movie is about a dog-sled race and since then I have been wanting to try it out. I finally had the chance to do so this year in February.

The destination was Csomafalva where Zoltán Parajdi and Botond Baróti had been waiting for us. They were the organizers of this adventure and they also escorted us throughout the trip.

When we arrived to the base we saw many huskies being led to the front of the sleds – it was clearly visible how excited the dogs were. They were definitely ready to go.

They took very good care of the dogs and it also matters where each dog is positioned and the dog’s mood is also relevant. We left with three sleds (four of us), first I was just a passenger but soon I was leading the dogs.

Obviously, we attended a training before leaving the base. We learned how to slow down the sled, how to do emergency breaks and how to turn. We received a very detailed explanation. They also draw our attentions to the fact that the dogs might follow some smells or mark their territories if they feel it’s necessary. We also received information on what to do in these cases. We packed everything to the sleds (blankets, food, drinks) and when everyone was ready – we left.

We travelled through beautiful snowy places: enormous trees, dwells, rocks – it has been a real adventure. The sled leading itself can be easily picked up in practice but it requires continuous concentration. There were some icy parts, uneven surface, very sharp turns and slopes.

It is critical to have the appropriate distance between the sleds to avoid collisions and this way dogs won’t be able to get into a fight. Zoli and Botond took very good care of us, they always were checking if we were all right.

We travelled approximately 18-20 Kms. We got really tired at the end but it was worth every minute.

I can recommend this adventure for everyone, as a passenger or sled-leader – you’ll definitely have a nice experience. Everything is there: incredible adventure, breathing landscapes, very nice people.

Ha tetszett, oszd meg!