In Sri Lanka I’ve seen enormous green areas -tea fields in the first time in my life. The island is the world’s biggest tea exporter.

We could walk on the fields, talk with the workers and could observe every aspects of tea harvest.

The woman working on the fields are working very fast while chatting with each other and singing. With some extra money they let you to take pictures of them. It seems like they are simply harvesting the leafs but it’s not true: actually they are collecting only the top, tender ones. They harvest many kgs of those every day.

The best is to have the tea plants on a hill as the higher the plant is the better the quality of the tea will be. The tea plant is natural to Asia. It spread from there to the whole world. The biggest growers are in China, India, Sri Lanka, Taivan, Japan, Nepal, Australia and Kenya.

But what exactly is tea? Tea is an aromatic bevarage prepared by pouring hot water over cured leaves of the evergreen shrub but we commonly use the term tea for the infusion of other dried plants, herbs and spices as well. The are many known phycological effects of consuming tea regularly. Different tea types have different features to the human body so before drinking it, one should research the possible effects. Usually they don’t have any negative impact on us but because they might contain caffeine or other stimulant extracts they might cause insomnia.

Tea- drinking is usually a social act. Some people drink it in the morning becuase of it’s stimulating effect but one can drink tea anytime.

In the UK and Ireland tea is a name not only for the drink but also the light meal in late afternoon before (or instead of) supper.

The train passing through the tea fields gave a special mood to the whole visit – this was my favourite part of the whole journey. This train departs Nuwara Eliya and it’s final destination is Kandy. Throught the journey the train travels through the tea fields, eucalyptus forests and local villages while you can actually see everything from the windows or from the door of the train where you can let your legs swing.

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