India – भारत eng


When I arrived to Chennai a few weeks ago, I would not have thought that I would be in the north for the fourth week or rather in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur – to see the golden triangle.

Since everyone has come to India from far, we have the opportunity to travel a little apart from work, so we took this opportunity.


I have traveled with  four friends of mine, our first station was Delhi.

When we got out of the airport, it was raining so much, water poured into the streets, so God brought us to Delhi. 🙂

After breakfast and a quick change, we took the city to our neck, looked at the Red Fort, Lotus Temple, India Gate, Indira Gandhi Museum – and then, my favourite Humayun’s Tomb was left to the end.

The building complex is a world heritage and the style of it is the same as Taj Mahal.


The next day we went to Agra by bus, was 217 kilometers around. We did it in 4 hours and it was a great experience.

It was very warm, doors and  windows open, small ventilators suspended from left and right side- they were selling  cold water at stops and selling all kind of nuts and seeds from an iron bucket, naturally packed in newspaper – so nothing luxury really.

In the afternoon we arrived to Agra and went straight to the Taj Mahal.

After the ticket was purchased, we got water and foils to cover our shoes, then headed for the entrance.

They provide a safe for the backpacks to look at the building without care, but we still wanted to carry it with us – everything was there – water, photo camera, camera – everything we needed.

They screened our bags and theres was a manual check also – food is not allowed inside – it’s all right, no problem with that, what was interesting that books are prohibited too…

They have taken the book out of the bag, forbidding it … we had to pick them up  at the end of the tour …

The Taj Mahal was built between 1632 and 1647 by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan to house the tomb of his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal

(Here I would like to remind you that the story is not as romantic as it looks at first … – the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan lived a wild life and held many wives … but in any case the building was breathtaking.)


Late in the afternoon we had a bus from Agra to Jaipur, which was interesting because on the bus there were sleeping cabins, but there were seats also back.

I got a sleeping cabin, which I was really happy about because I  have never traveled like that way in my life.

I think the sheets have never been replaced or cleansed because it had a strong smell, but I was ok with it and it was an experience! 🙂

The way till Jaipur took more than five hours, and those friends of mine who had a sleeping cabin as well as me finally ended up at my place because their cabin was pouring the rain water directly through the roof top holes – but we talked at least all the way and we laughed a lot.

We spent three days in Jaipur, but for me it was the highlight of the trip.

Every day from morning till night we were just going and going -we were at dreamy places – that nice that I can’t tell it by words.

The absolute favorite of mine was the monkey temple. Seeing it as a girl from Kiskunhalas … it was just beautiful ….

Everywhere monkeys were free, wonderfull buildings and green surroundings.

In Jaipur, it was very strange, all the time we were asked to take photos – the same thing was at the monkey temple.

In the heavy rains they asked me “Miss, please just one photo” – so I was completely wet…, but they were so nice that I could not say no. 🙂

Ha tetszett, oszd meg!