Week number 2-3 in India


The second and third week was very fast, mostly by working and learning. I graduated in law but since I have no idea of ​​the legal system in India, so first I had to read a lot, especially about the situation of women, children, gender equality, and later on fisheries community and their problems.

I had a lot to read, which was sometimes very interesting and sometimes quite shocking.

I’ve read about the caste system, forced marriage, child marriage, witch huntings, honor killings, female genital mutilation, all that I have not met before.

At the same time, I talked to many people, tried to understand their system, also they were  constantly questioning me, what I think, what my opinion is, how things work in Hungary, what life is like.

I do not understand a lot of things … and I’m sure I will never understand, as I had a completely different education and training than people who live here – and vice versa of course – but one thing is sure, I learn a lot here.

Everyone is very helpful, kind, patient and we try to combine our views.

I just can say that it is a totally different world, but it’s nice.

I’m moving now in town experienced, even public transport is going quite well.

In general, the buses are full, even the people are „hanging” in the door.

The ticket must be purchased on the bus and since they can not move a lot, they will hand over the money to each other, indicating how long they want to travel.

I’ve had a lot of friendships during traveling, many people are interested in where I came from, what I’m doing here, so there’s always someone to talk to, and there is always someone to ask for help if I need directions.

I have my favorite places too, I know where to have the finest paneer butter masala (this is a cheese made vegetarian food), fish biryani (rice food with fish) or butter naan bread.

I like Indian cuisine anyway, but the lighter dishes, because they use a lot of spice, they eat spicy, strong food.

Many times I ask, “but please do not be spicy” – … and  what is not spicy for them…. – my tears are just streaming and they just smile on me. 🙂

So every day is a real adventure, which runs from early morning to late evening, but it is absolutely worth it.

Ha tetszett, oszd meg!