Bachata is a caribbean latin music style that I discovered a couple of years ago and I love it so much. It is that popular that a lot of music has a bachata version.

If you dance you live, if you live you dance
If there is music, then dance is also present. And this dance has a charm. It basically consists of easy-to-remember steps, but there is a lot of work that goes into it to make it so beautiful and spectacular. It is not enough to practice the movements, it requires a lot of flexibility in one movement. The dance is based on three steps with hip gestures followed by a “hip bet”, which can be rotated by choreography and movement. It can be slow, fast, far and close to each other, using the whole body. That’s what I wanted to try.

Bachata till morning
On New Year’s day, I decided to learn how to dance bachata and I asked for the help of a dance teacher in Kiskunhalas, with whom we practiced on a weekly basis for several months. First we learned basic skills, practiced correct posture, and started choreography. In case of dancing bachata, we are talking about a very sensual dance and since I have never learned to dance like this in my life, I had to get used to the touches and movements. I enjoyed the lessons, every week I was waiting for these occasions. After having this experience in the last few months, I can say that dance is a special profession, it is a very serious job, but it gives you an experience that cannot be described by words. With the result I am absolutely satisfied, although there is still room for improvement.

Kiskunhalasi Lace House
When we felt ready to dance, we wanted to choose a location close to our hearts, so our first thought was the lace house. The lace house is beautiful with the trees and plants in the garden, which is reflected in the video. I would like to thank Mrs. Szécsiné Éva Rédei, director of the Lace House of Kiskunhalas for the cooperation, opportunity, beautiful environment and of course to my teacher, David Hegedűs, for his persistence and help.

You can see the full video on the link below, we’ve made it with so much love!

Ha tetszett, oszd meg!