When I think about Córdoba, I have a lot of nice memories to remember-  when I’m there, I feel at home.
Córdoba is one of the most visited cities in Andalusia, on the bank of the river Guadalquivir lies-  the city centre that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is worth spending a couple of days here, as you have lots of sights to see. I love to roam on its streets, look at patio courtyards, buildings, churches, talk with locals – as if you were in a completely different age – you can see a thousand years into the past. The Mediterranean city is characterized by narrow alleys, buildings painted white, ornamented with flowers, and cannot be missed. The locals are very helpful and friendly, and even inviting you onto their patio yards to see the flowers – they are proud of it. There are countless intimate spaces in the city, many restaurants and bars await visitors.

Spanish people love and can live!
Here I first heard about “flamenco”, which is a dance style made famous by the Gypsies, living in Andalusia in 18-19. century.
Flamenco reflects on the lives of Spanish Gypsies, singing, guitar and dance preserving the essence of flamenco. Flamenco is built according to rules: the circle, the ceremony master and the participants.

My favorite attractions in Córdoba include:

  • Mezquita / Córdobai Grandmoke
  • Patio de los Naranjos
  • Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos / Álcazar – its beautiful garden
  • Puente Romano / Roman bridge, from which we can see the whole city
  • Puerta del Puente
  • Arabic baths
  • Patiok / Courts – generally rectangular, small-sized yards
  • Plaza de las Tendillas
  • Plaza de Caphucinos

I would certainly like to visit these places during my next trip, because they see a miracle. Cordoba is the place to be missed! You just have to visit here, believe the city is yours, and let you live with everlasting experiences!

In the meantime, you can see how beautiful Cordoba is!

“Promotional video de la Córdoba province (España). Produced by: PatronatoProvincial de Turismo de la Diputación de Córdoba. Fundación Córdoba CiudadCulturalCoordoba Tourism Consortium “

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