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The ambitious plans of Hungary and Colombia

The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban met on May 11, 2018 in Budapest with President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia.

The ultimate goal of politics is to create and maintain peace and who can do this always deservs to raise our hat  and this is what we have done today to the President.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called the Nobel Peace Prize winner ’ real hero’, and said such an exciting leader rarely visits Hungary. According to Viktor Orbán, Colombia does a number of things that we Hungarians can learn, copy, transform, and use.

Our negotiation was extremely inspirational because we could understand that Colombia, which is a far bigger country than Hungary, has made ambitious plans for the future, and we Hungarians have just made great plans for ourselves. Hungary can learn a lot from how the Columbian Governments tries to make the Colombian economy more competitive in the world. We have received many confirmations and many inspirations in today’s negotiations. Of course, there were concrete plans and words, I was delighted to welcome the President’s invitation to visit Colombia, where all that we have talked about today can be met. I consider it important to share our commun and mutual commitment to the friendship of the two people at the level of young people. We promote scholarship programs, and Colombia will be part and parcel of it in the future as well. It is a great new development that we have opened our embassy again in Colombia and Colombia has done the same. This allows us to have a much more intense and stronger relationship between us. Overall, today is a very successful day for Hungary. We have got a friend who will be represented in Hungary, we got a friend who has similar ideas about the future and we get a friend who understands how important cooperation with neighboring countries will be in the future. Now it is only our responsibility, the Hungarian government, to accept this offer of friendship and to live with the opportunities offered. I will do everything I can to make it happen.

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