Why is it good to speak a different language / languages?

Hi! Hola!
Since I’m traveling soon, so I thought my next blog post would be about languages.
Everywhere you hear about how important it is to speak another language, the useable language skills are the key, and even the degree can only be acquired.
But why?
Personally, I like to speak English and Spanish, and although I do not speak any of these perfectly, I am very proud to be involved and I can speak it to a decent level.
And if I accidentally say something wrong, there is no end to the world and if they do it they will fix it -at least that day I learned something.
That’s how it goes, while the world is around.
I know that everyone is different, good at different things and this is how things should be
It looks like I’m better in languages ​​- first in English, then in French, eventually in Spanish – but probably if chemistry needed to get a degree, then I would not have one, but I encourage everyone to learn a foreign language at all costs
The world opens to you, it offers opportunities like never before, links people, and it is true that it is like another soul.
And what’s important is:
It’s never too late to start.
Many fear that they might be ridiculed if they do not speak well or not perfectly, do not mix words well, they do not understand them – and I say that you can do it – come on!

If anyone wants to understand you, they will – if not, even when they speak the same language they won’t understand you.
Be Brave, were all skillfull- Every day a little practice and you are always closer to the goal.
I’m so proud and impressed when I speak a foreign language because it has time and energy to talk and I’m sure it’s the other way around.
Always think that you have tried at least.
Listen to music, audio, watch movies, read it, talk to foreigners – there are plenty of options available.
A new language can bring a lot of things to you – new friends, travel, hobbies, new lifestyles – you can only win with it, not to mention that you will be a seed.
Right? Right!

Ha tetszett, oszd meg!